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Ekonomi Teknik [4] September 28, 2008

Posted by desrinda in Ekonomi Teknik.

Minggu ini kami belajar tentang internal rate of return. Definisinya adalah tingkat discount faktor yang menyamakan nilai sekarang investasi dan nilai sekarang penerimaan kas bersih di masa yang akan datang.

Jika IRR lebih besar dari tingkat bunga atau laba yang disyaratkan, maka investasinya layak.

Ulasan yang menarik tentang hal ini dapat ditemukan di blog nya Pak Edison.

PR untuk dikumpulkan tgl 11 Oktober 2008:

1. Owners of an economy motel chain are considering building a new 200-unit hotel. The present worth cost of building the motel is $8,000,000.00. The firm estimates furnishing for the motel will cost an additional $700,000.00 and will need replacement every 5 years. Annual operating and maintenance costs for the facility are estimated to $800,000.00. The average rate of booking of a room per day is anticipated as $40.00. A 15-year planning horizon is used to this project. A terminal salvage value of 15% of the original building cost is anticipated; furnishing are estimated to have no salvage at the end of each 5-year replacement interval. Assuming average daily occupancy of 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% for years 1 to 4, respectively and 90% for the fifth and each remaining time. MARR is defined as 12% and there will be 365 operating days/year, ignoring cost of land. Should the motel be built? Based your decision using:
a.    PW method
b.    AW method
c.    FW method
d.    IRR
e.    ERR

2. A firm is considering either leasing or buying a microcomputer system. If purchased, the initial cost will be $250,000.00; annual operating and maintenance cost will be $80,000.00. Based on a 6-year planning horizon, it is anticipated the computer will have a salvage value of $30,000.00 at that time. If the computer is leased, annual operating and maintenance costs in excess of the annual lease payment will be $60,000.00 per year. Based on interest rate of 20%, what annual beginning-of-year lease payment will make the firm be indifferent between leasing and buying?
a.    Using PW method
b.    IRR

3. A distillery is considering the erection of a bottle-making plant. The number needed annually is estimated at 600,000.The initial cost of the facility would be $150,000.00 with an estimated life of 20 years. Annual operation and maintenance cost are expected to be $40,000.00, and annual taxes and insurance $15,000.00. Should the distillery build the facility or buy the bottles from another company at $0.15 each?

4. An individual is faced with two mutually exclusive alternatives. By investing $15,000.00 a single sum of $18,500.00 will be received 2 years after the investment. Alternativelly, by investing $20,000.00 a single sum of $30,000.00 will be received 4 years after that. Using IRR and ERR method, determine the preferred alternative based on a MARR of:
a.    5%
b.    10%
c.    20%



1. Aik - March 12, 2010

jawabannya donk…

>> wah, panjang deh pokoknya…tapi kalau menggunakan MS Excel pasti jadi mudah…

2. qwerty - June 30, 2012

mohon pencerahan jawabannya kakak cara mengerjakan dengan MS EXcel gimana ya?

3. Ekotek Mania - June 30, 2012

please share jawabannya dong,,, butuh jwban yang contoh soalnya kyk itu

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