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Manajemen Pemasaran [1] February 8, 2009

Posted by desrinda in Marketing.

Hari Sabtu lalu, 7 Februari 2009, saya datang ke kampus pukul 10:15 WIB karena tidak mengambil mata kuliah Sistem Manufaktur-nya Pak Yadrifil yang diadakan di jam pertama (8:30 – 10:00 WIB).

Pertama kalinya saya bertemu dengan PA (pembimbing akademis) yang sekaligus dosen Marketing Management, Ibu Ir.Erlinda Muslim, MEE., langsung suka sekali dengan gaya mengajar beliau yang asyik. Belajar ilmu-ilmu pemasaran di Fakultas Teknik ini sepertinya akan sangat menarik deh.

Focus of this marketing class is study about selling.

2C: Company + Customer
3C: Company + Customer + Competitor
4C: Company + Customer + Competitor + Change (outside factor)

If the company has a monopoly on the product (goods or service), then it might only concern about “P” (product) for the customer.

More complex condition (2.5C, 3C, 3.5C, 4C) requires attention on:
P = product
Q = quality
C = competitiveness
D = delivery (availability)
S = safety
M = moral
E = environment

Current market in Indonesia (in general):
– Monopolysts are not ready for competition, e.g. PLN
– Imported goods are sold in lower price compare to local products

Out of getting support from government, a company should measure its own asset utilization ratio to sell better, because it means:
– Reducing price
– Improve quality (standardization)

To fulfil customer’s requirement, company must review:
– Need (basic necessities)
– Want (available choice)
– Demand (power to buy)



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