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Total Quality Management [1] February 8, 2009

Posted by desrinda in TQM.

Kembali diajar Pak Yuri (di semester lalu, beliau mengajar Organisasi Industri), dalam kuliah pertama kami mempelajari bagaimana permintaan pelanggan telah berubah dalam periode-periode terakhir ini.

Customer needs have changed. While previously asked for low price, then good quality, now customers require good products with low price.

– Quality of product
– Quality of process
– Quality of operations
– Quality of management
– Quality of service

Conventional manufacturing companies usually consider sampling inspection processes to assure quality of product (QC, quality control). Modern ones apply full inspection as JIT (just-in-time) processes. Therefore, quality control at critical stages of production processes must be recognized.

QC further evolved, and the concept of QA (quality assurance) was introduced. QA focuses on building quality into processes, here QM (quality management) is known as coordinated activities to assure quality.

Rao: CTC concepts, which are the common principle of leading companies (Toyota in manufacturing, McD in service industry, etc.).
C = customer focus
T = total participation
C = continuous improvement

Standardized services (quick and clean) is very important.

Zeithaml and Parasuraman has defined below 10 dimensions of service quality (SERQUAL):
– Tangibles
– Reliability
– Responsiveness
– Competence
– Courtesy
– Credibility
– Security
– Access
– Communication
– Understanding the customer

In shorter definitions:
R = responsiveness (upon customer’s call)
E = empathy (more than sympathy, offer solution)
T = tangible (good equipment, etc.)
R = reliable (trusted, have confidence)
A = assurance (guaranteed customer satisfaction)

Bill Creek: Five pillars of TQM (total quality management).
1. Commitment
2. Leadership
3. Organization
4. Process
5. Product
High quality product is yielded through good processes in solid organization with clear leadership gained from strong commitment.



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