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Manajemen Pemasaran [2] February 15, 2009

Posted by desrinda in Marketing.

There are four component in business: 4C (Company, Customer, Competitor, Change).


2C: stable => production oriented company
2.5C: interrupted (by emerging competitor) => selling oriented company
3C: complicated => marketing oriented company
3.5C: sophisticated => market driven company
4C: chaos => customer driven company

In monopolistic market (2C), a company would concern about basic matters on the product. In more competitive environment, below points might be taken into consideration:
P = product
Q = quality
C = cost
D = delivery
S = safety
M = morale
E = environment

Marketing mix: 4P (products, price, place, promotion). Each factors must be studied to decide best marketing strategy.

Consumer products classiffication:
– convenience products
– shopping products
– specialty products
– unsought products

Industrial product classification:
– materials and parts
– capital item
– supplies and services

– cost
– competitive price
– market
– elasticity of demand
– competitor and customer reactions
– economic conditions
– nature of the industry
– financial status of the firm
– product characteristics
– government restrictions

= distribution management:
1. Channel of distribution (institution)
2. Logistics (physical transportation)

Tools of marketing communications:
– advertising
– personal selling
– sales promotion
– public relations
– direct marketing



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