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Strategi Industri [1] September 5, 2009

Posted by desrinda in Strategi Industri.

Krisis ekonomi global yang terjadi di periode 2008-2009 menyadarkan banyak pelaku industri mengenai penting strategi untuk mempertahankan kelangsungan bisnis.

Strategic Management is set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long-run performance of a corporation. (Wheelen & Hunger)

In turn, these strategic decisions are formulated into business policies that guide the various functional areas of the firm in completing and achieving the firm’s strategic goals.

– A clear sense of strategic vision for the firm.
– A sharper focus on what is strategically important.
– Improved understanding of a rapidly changing environment.

Simple questions of strategic management:
– Where is the organization now?
– What are the result of SWOT analysis?
– If no changes are made, where will be the organization? Are the answer acceptable?
– If the answer is not acceptable, what actions to be undertaken? What are the risks and payoffs included?

Globalization (the internationalization of markets and corporations) has changed modern corporations in doing business, especially applying economies of scale to achieve low cost e.g. Nike and Reebok manufacture their athletic shoes in Asia.

E-commerce (the use of internet to conduct business transactions) has been applied everywhere, mostly on B2B marketplace, example: Pertamina uses E-Reverse Auction.

Core competence (a bundle of skills and technologies that enables a company to provide a particular benefit to customers) should be clearly set.
– Sony, product benefit = pocketability, core competence = miniaturization
– FedEx, product benefit = on time delivery, core competence = supply chain logistics

A learning organization skilled at creating, acquiring, transferring knowledge and at modifying its behavious to reflect new knowledge and insight.

Greatest management decisions that has changed things:
1950 = McNamara’s idea of the Diners Club Card
1952 = first Holiday Inn by the Wilson family
1959 = motorbike business overnight change by Honda
1980 = Ted Turner launched CNN, first 24-hours news network
1980 = Akito Morita developed Walkman without prior market research
1984 = Michael Dell decided to start selling PC and personalized computers

“The public does not know what is possible. We do.” Akito Morita

In class discussion of strategic’s case examples:
– Boeing vs Airbus (jumbo liner vs medium sized aeroplanes)
– Atari (pioneer for home video-game industry but then lost the market to Sony, XBox, Nintendo etc)



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