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Strategi Industri [2] September 12, 2009

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Step 1. Environmental Scanning
Environmental scanning is the monitoring, evaluating, and disseminating of information from the external and internal environments to key people within the company. Details are available on: http://www.agecon.purdue.edu/extension/sbpcp/resources/exscan.pdf

Step 2. Strategy Formulation
Strategy formulation is the development of long-range plans for the effective management of environmental opportunities and threats, in light of company strengths and weaknesses (SWOT).

Step 3. Strategy Implementation
Strategy implementation is a process by which strategies and policies are put into action through the development of programs, budgets, and procedures.

Step 4. Evaluation & Control
“…A process in which corporate activities and performance results are monitored so that actual performance can be compared with desired performance.”

More details for step 2, 3, 4 above: http://www.agr.hr/cro/istrazivanja/projekti/ahead/doc/strategic_mgmt_4.pdf


Vision = a realistic, credible and attainable view of the future that grows out and improves on the present.

Mission answers the question:
-What is our reason for being in business?
-What do we provide for society?
-Who we are?
-What we do?
-Where we’re headed?

Good read: http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/ans440/Lectures/Vision%20Mission.pdf



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