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Strategi Industri [5] October 17, 2009

Posted by desrinda in Strategi Industri.

1. Cost leadership strategy
2. Differentiation strategy
3. Niche specialization (focus) strategy

GenericStrategiesSource: http://www.quickmba.com/strategy/generic.shtml



BCG Matrix

In BCG Matrix, each SBU fall in to one of the four cells called: Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows and Dogs.

Question Marks
Question marks are low-share business with high-growth markets. They require a lot of cash to hold their share. Management has to think hard which question marks to build into star and which ones to phase out.
STRATEGY: Build market share or harvest/digest.

Stars are high-growth, high-share businesses or products. The often need heavy investment to finance their rapid growth. Eventually their growth will slow down and, they will turn into cash cows.
STRATEGY: Hold or invest or growth.

Cash Cows
Cash cows are low-growth, high-share business or products. These established and succeed SBUs need less investment to hold their market share. They produce a lot of cash that the company uses to pay its bills and to support other SBUs that need investment.
STRATEGY: Hold or add market share.

Dogs are low growth, low share business and products. They may generate enough cash to maintain themselves but do not promise to large sources of cash.
STRATEGY: Harvest/divest.

Source: http://www.thesmartmarketing.co.cc/index.php/basics/4-the-bcg-matrix-a-powerful-portfolio-analysis



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